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Canon Close-up Lens

(Code: A385)
Size : Close-up Lens 500D (58mm)
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Canon Close-up Lens
Close-up lenses screw to the filter mount of your lens to give increased magnifications. Unlike extension tubes, there is no loss of light. Canon's close-up lenses are doublets (D) two lens elements cemented together to overcome some of the aberrations of single element lenses. For optical quality, Canon's close-up lenses take some beating.

Canon makes two close-up lenses.
Type 250D is designed to fit lenses with a focal length from about 35mm to 70mm.
Type 500D is intended for lenses between 70mm and 300mm focal length.

The magnifying power for a Canon close-up lens is calculated by taking the focal length of the main lens and dividing it by the type number of the close-up lens. For example, a 100mm lens fitted with the 500D close-up lens gives a magnification of 100/500 (so 1/5) or one-fifth life size (0.2x).

If you have several lenses which you'd like to use with a close-up lens, choose the largest filter size available in the strength you want, and step down with a stepping ring.

Code Size  Price   
A384  Close-up Lens 250D (52mm)  79.99 Details Buy now
A383  Close-up Lens 250D (58mm)  109.99 Details Buy now
A436  Close-up Lens 500D (52mm)  79.99 Details Buy now
A385  Close-up Lens 500D (58mm)  99.99 Details Buy now
A386  Close-up Lens 500D (72mm)  149.99 Details Buy now
A387  Close-up Lens 500D (77mm)  179.99 Details Buy now
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