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Circular polariser filter

(Code: K111-52)
Filter Size : Circular Polariser Filter 52mm
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Circular polariser filterHave you ever wondered how some photographers manage to get such saturated colours in their images? It's down to the effective use of a polariser filter. This cuts through some of the reflected light to show you the true colours. A polariser is the one filter which will help every EOS user to improve and enhance their images.

An invaluable filter for your kit bag, a circular polariser will help eliminate unwanted reflections on shiny surfaces such as glass and water and will increase colour saturation and contrast.

Made by SRB Griturn in the UK, this affordable range of polarising filters is multi-coated and made from optical glass, thereby reducing lens flare.
Code Filter Size  Price   
K111-52  Circular Polariser Filter 52mm  15.95 Details Buy now
K111-58  Circular Polariser Filter 58mm  15.95 Details Buy now
K111-72  Circular Polariser Filter 72mm  17.95 Details Buy now
K111-77  Circular Polariser Filter 77mm  19.95 Details Buy now
K111-82  Circular Polariser Filter 82mm  26.95 Details Buy now
K111-86  Circular Polariser Filter 86mm  26.95 Details Buy now
K111-67  Circular Polariser Filter 67mm  17.95 Details Buy now
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Filter Size : Circular Polariser Filter 72mm
Pleased with the product and results.
Alex D.
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