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Creative Photographic Printing Methods

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Creative Photographic Printing MethodsCreative darkroom techniques: tone line, solarisation, tone separation, tone elimination, and combination printing are growing in popularity among photographers with enquiring minds who want to experiment beyond the basics of developing and printing. They can be used in design of all kinds, in graphic art, in op-Art and in other experimental art forms.

This book is devoted to these derived processes - in comprehensive detail. The problems of exposure, development and registration normally associated with them are helpfully simplified by the author's logical approach, and details are given for the construction of any equipment needed. A special feature is the author's system whereby effects can be carried out under controlled conditions; this means that it is possible to repeat them with precision, and to obtain the same results twice ceases to be a hit or miss affair.

The lone worker will find here practical answers to his questions  and clear directions as to how to tackle technical problems. Advanced students and experienced photographers will welcome the fresh and stimulating ideas, new methods and short cuts to established processes. Amateurs will gain much satisfaction from achieving unusual and attractive pictures both for their own pleasure and for exhibition.

The text is illustrated with examples and explanatory diagrams which show how each stage in the evolution of an image is achieved.

Written by Woodhead, H C. 180 pages long.
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