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Dust Patrol Alpha 13-piece Kit

(Code: K234-13R)
Type : 13 piece APS-C Red
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Dust Patrol Alpha 13-piece Kit

DustPatrol’s Alpha Premium Sensor Cleaning Swabs provide the photographic community with a non-welded and non-glued sensor cleaning swab. These swabs are cleanroom manufactured and individually sealed in a plastic bag. This ensures a clean swab each and every time.
The swabs are folded, not welded. Welding the edges can leave sharp corners on the swab, so DustPatrol favour the folded material manufacturing process. The swabs also feature square corners that allow you to clean the edges of your sensor more efficiently than with the welded swab types with rounded corners.
The portion of the swab that's doing the cleaning is the very top leading edge, not the sides. So DustPatrol have used the shortest paddle possible while still being able to use the folded material manufacturing process. This allows for greater visibility of the sensor while you clean.

This kit contains:
 12 x Alpha Premium Sensor Cleaning Swabs
 1 x Microfibre Cloth

Swabs are sized to suit your EOS camera's sensor.
Find the right size for your camera here

Swab Features:

  • Shorter paddle – For minimal flexing and better visibility.
  • Thicker handle – For less pressure and a better grip.
  • Colour coded –  Colour coding by size.
  • Clean-room manufactured and packaged.
  • More absorbent than polyester blend versions.
  • Non abrasive and lint free.
  • Folded, not glued.
  • Folded, not welded - Cleans right to the sensor’s edge and avoids sharp corners on the swab.

Microfibre Lens Cloth.
A 15x18cm microfibre lens cloth made from a high quality polyester and nylon blend. The cloth is white on one side and (approximately) 18% grey on the other side, providing a standard reference object for exposure and colour balance.

Note: Alpha Premium Sensor Cleaning Swabs are designed to be used with DustPatrol's Gamma Cleaning Fluid (Sold Separately) The swabs should never be used dry.
Remember! ALWAYS remove dry loose dust BEFORE swabbing your sensor.
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K234-13B  13 piece APS-H Blue  £ 18.74 Details Buy now
K234-13R  13 piece APS-C Red  £ 18.74 Details Buy now
K234-13Y  13 piece Full Frame Yellow  £ 18.74 Details Buy now
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