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EOS magazine July-September 2011 back issue

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EOS magazine July-September 2011 back issueIn this issue...

Regulars & features

  • World of EOS News and reports from the world of Canon imaging.
  • Q&A A selection of your photographic queries.
  • Forum A round-up of recent activity on the EOS magazine forum.

  • Drive modes Are you a 'one press one picture' person, or do you like to rattle off a whole sequence of images in one go?
  • Focus points Landscape photographers take note the autofocus system of your camera might not be giving you optimum results.
  • High ISO Now you can shoot in very low light without the need for flash. But does high ISO lead to low quality photographs?
  • Flash with filters Is a basic flashgun enough? We show you how to take control of your Speedlite by adding colour with filters.
  • Sweet spot Andrew Gibson shows you how to test your lens to find the aperture which gives optimum performance.
  • Reverse vision Attaching your lens in reverse is all it takes to enter a world where tiny creatures barely visible to the eye fill the frame.
  • How was it shot? Lightstream images as a signature shot for one Canon photographer.
  • Panoramas Create sweeping panoramic images by shooting a number of images and merging them using computer software.
  • Screen change We explain how a different focusing screen can help with some types of photography and with manual focusing.
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