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EOS magazine July-September 2017 back issue

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EOS magazine July-September 2017 back issue What's in this issue -

Latest equipment
Designed for macro and close-up photography, the EF-S 35mm f2.8 Macro IS STM features Canon's unique built-in Macro Lite technology.

EOS System
Christopher Head explains why he uses extreme wide-angle lenses to capture dramatic images of his subjects.

Back-up battery
Did you know that there are two batteries in your EOS camera? The main battery looks after the prime camera functions, while the secondary battery deals with the date and time.

On reflection
The EOS 77D has a pentamirror viewfinder, while the EOS 80D has a pentaprism. We discuss the difference between the two and which is better.

CPS photo session
EOS magazine subscribers joined Canon Professional Service member on a beauty and the Print Experience Day.

Freeze flash
Andrew Fusek Peters takes us through his journey to experimentation with high speed flash to photograph wildlife in his back garden.

Hi-tech Tokyo
Intrigued by Japanese culture from a young age, Sam Pritchard indulges in the opportunity to photograph Tokyo's futuristic architecture.

Manual focus
Even though your EOS camera has a fast and effective autofocus, there are occasions when you might want to focus manually. Canon provides features to help with this.

HDR modes
High Dynamic Range imaging involves combining images taken at different exposures into a single final HDR image. While you can do this using Canon's DPP software, some EOS models allow you to merge images in-camera.

Balancing act
We look at the new white balance option on recent EOS cameras and offer a refresher course on the settings available to all EOS photographers.

Aspect ratios
Changing the aspect ratio on your camera could be important if you want to improve your composition or print your images.

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