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EOS magazine October-December 2014 back issue

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EOS magazine October-December 2014 back issueIn this issue...

Canon news and freebie - Details of Canons new products and Photokina feedback.
Canon's 80th anniversary - Kwanon, Japan's first local plane shutter camera.
Firmware and software updates - Check to see if there is an update for your camera or software, and the benefits and fixes offered.
Landscape masterclass - David Taylor captures the British Countryside.
New EOS camera and lenses - Full details of the EOS 7D Mark II camera and three new lenses.
Me and my camera - In a new series, we talk to an EOS subscriber about their photography.
Q&A - We answer your photographic questions.
Forum - A review of EOS magazine forum threads.
Custom focusing - Customise the behaviour of your camera's autofocus system to match your subject.
Two minute technique - Take a few minutes to experiment with one of your camera features to see what you can do.
File downloading - We explore the various methods of transferring images from your camera to your computer.
Super-wide exploration - Tom Sheppard was one of the first to try out Canon's EF 16-35mm f4L IS USM wide-angle lens.
Underwater world - Aaron Gekoski offers tips for budding underwater photographers.
LCD evolution - The liquid crystal diplay has played a key role in the digital photography revolution.
How was it shot? - Creating a splash with flash.
DPP version 4.0 - Our first impressions of the recent major upgrade to Canon's Digital Photo Professional software.
Freelance diary - Miles Wilis relishes the challenge of a personal project to push himself creatively.
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