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Essential Guide to Choosing & Using Canon Lenses DVD

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Essential Guide to Choosing & Using Canon Lenses DVD

Canon makes over 70 lenses in their extensive EOS system. Choosing the right one for your photography can be confusing and getting the wrong one can be an expensive mistake. This DVD sets out to explain what the different types of lenses do and when they are used, taking into consideration how the choice of lens will impact on the images you take and how they can be used to shoot more creatively.

It also covers the jargon used within the lens range and makes sense of the acronyms that are frequently used such as IS, USM, DO, FTM and L. It explains what the terms mean but more importantly gives an insight into how they benefit the photographer and why having these features on the lens can play an important part in creating the images you want.

The technologies used within the lenses are discussed, and how these modern advancements result in higher quality lenses and significantly sharper images. These are important as for most areas of photography the body you use makes very little difference to the quality of the images you take. However, putting a good lens on a basic camera body can significantly improve the quality of your pictures.

Part of the DVD examines Canon extenders and extension tubes, what they do and when they are used. It unravels the compatibility of extenders and lenses.

The DVD finishes off by looking at some popular lens accessories including protection, polarising, ND filters and hoods and when and how they are best used.

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