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Essential Guide to EOS Flash by Nina Bailey (reprint)

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Essential Guide to EOS Flash by Nina Bailey (reprint)Originally designed as an eBook, this guide is now available as a black-and-white reprint.

Finish: A5 spiral bound book (also available in A4)

 Flash is often seen as something of a black art by photographers. However, with a good grounding in the basic principles of photography and a sound understanding of your EOS camera, flash – both built-in and via a flashgun – needn’t be something to fear. And this new book from Nina Bailey, professional photographer and life-long Canon user, will shed light on this dark art and give you the confidence to use flash in a variety of situations and set-ups.

There’s a wide range of topics covered in this 169-page book, from learning about the very nature of flash to how to set up your EOS camera and flashgun for the best results. The key to successful flash application lies in working with the light levels you have and so Nina will take you through the steps to identify the conditions you are shooting in, how to set up your camera accordingly and how to use the flash to best effect within that scenario. You’ll also find out about reflectors and diffusers, bounce flash, understand more about white balance and how this works when using flash, plus get to grips with the key camera settings and how to avoid certain problems when using flash.

With this book you will learn how to utilise the Canon EOS flash system to its full potential. The Essential Guide to EOS Flash is relevant to all Canon EOS cameras and the EX series of Canon’ s Speedlite range including the recent 600EX-RT flash unit. The content is also relevant to those wishing to get more from the built-in flash on their EOS camera.

169 pages long

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