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Essential Guide to the British Photographic Year by Nina Bailey (reprint)

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Essential Guide to the British Photographic Year by Nina Bailey (reprint)Originally designed as an eBook, this guide is now available as a black-and-white reprint.

Finish: A5 spiral bound book (also available in A4)

This is a trial service until 31 December 2017.

 Whilst one of Nina Bailey's favourite pastimes is travelling, she's not one to forget the beauty of Britain and the many photographic opportunities they present. That's why she's written this new book to celebrate the photogenic qualities of the British Isles throughout the seasons.

It's very easy to forget how unique Britain is nowhere else has quite the same climate, geology, history and culture. Other countries with similar latitudes endure much colder winters and often warmer summers than us. With our relatively high rainfall we tend to have lush greenness all year round and a surprising number of plants, animals, birds and insects that can thrive in our climate.

Nina's new book works through the photographic opportunities available to us through the British seasons and gives us the chance to step back and appreciate what is under our nose. The book is broken up into the seasons, with ideas for suitable subjects and locations each month.

It's too easy to forget the familiar. So, try and be a tourist on your own doorstep. You'll be pleasantly surprised by what you may find just round the corner from your own front door.

193 pages long and packed with stunning images from around Britain.

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