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A variety of useful filters to fit on your Canon EF, EF-S and EF-M lenses, including UV and neutral density filters. Available in different thread sizes to fit all Canon lenses.
£ 19.95
In stock
Sunset graduated filter Make your sunrise and sunset shots even more dramatic with this graduated filter which transitions from red through to orange and then yellow.
£ 19.95
In stock
Blue graduated filterA half-blue graduated filter with a smooth transition to the clear half. Use this filterís blue-coloured banding either at the top of your shot for a rich blue sky or at the bottom for an enhanced lake or sea.
£ 39.95
In stock
HOYA REVO UV filterA dual-purpose filter, designed to give you sharper, clearer images, whilst also providing protection from rain and grime. Multi-coated for excellent results.
£ 69.95
In stock
HOYA REVO Circular polariser filter
An essential bit of kit that will improve your photography. Remove unwanted reflections from non-metallic surfaces such as water and glass with this quality circular polariser filter from Hoya.
£ 26.95
In stock
SRB Neutral Density ND1000 filter Create spectacular images using slow shutter speeds and wide apertures with this award-winning neutral density filter from SRB-Griturn, which reduces the amount of light entering your lens by 10 stops.
£ 27.50
Available in 7 days
Filter Nest MiniThe Filter Nest Mini holds up to four filters (one of which can be a variable ND filter), keeping them padded, protected and ready for rapid filter changes.
£ 19.95
In stock
Twilight Graduated FilterThis high quality twilight graduated filter from British firm SRB creates a beautiful late afternoon/early evening twilight effect.
£ 27.99
(-17.86%) £ 22.99
In stock
Hama graduated red filterHalf red, half clear, this 58mm Hama creative filter has a rotating mount so that you can position the graduated red area accurately within your landscape.
£ 23.99
(-15.01%) £ 20.39
In stock
Hama neutral density ND4 filter A 2-stop solid grey filter ideal for reducing the overall brightness in your scene and removing low-level haze.
£ 42.99
(-9.30%) £ 38.99
In stock
LightCraft Workshop neutral density ND500 filterA true 9-stop multi-coated neutral density filter, with ultra-thin non-vignetting filter frame. It employs advanced anti-reflection coatings for excellent flare resistance, particularly important in bright sunlight.
£ 29.99
In stock
Hama graduated grey filterThis graduated grey filter from Hama allows you to darken part of your image, particularly skies, an effect not easily recreated with software.
£ 15.99
Available in 5 days
Hama Diffusion FilterThe fine concentric lines etched onto the surface of this Hama filter help to create a flattering soft focus effect in your portrait images, whilst still retaining sharpness on your overall image. The end result is dreamy and rather romantic-looking. Itís especially suited to outdoor portraiture where harsh shadows can be a problem.
£ 17.99
In stock
Hama 6x Star Effect Circular FilterA dazzling creative effect filter from Hama. Create star-like points from light sources with this 6x cross etched filter.
£ 21.99
In stock
Hama 8x Star Effect Circular Filter A dazzling creative effect filter from Hama. Create star-like points from light sources with this 8x cross etched filter.
£ 24.99
Hama diffuser spot filterA creative filter suitable for portrait and product shots, this diffuser spot filter from Hama has a clear centre and uneven textured surface around the outside.
£ 10.95
In stock
Filter Stack CapsStore multiple filters together with a pair of screw-on Filter Stack Caps for space-efficient protection.
£ 5.99
In stock
Stepping RingThere is no need to splash out on different size filters and coupling rings for your various lenses. Stepping rings allow you to step a bigger filter size down to fit your smaller lens filter mount.
£ 11.95
In stock
UV FilterKeep the front element of your lens free from dust, grime and scratches with this multi-coated clear filter.
£ 72.50
(-57.26%) £ 30.99
In stock
B+W polarising filterThis high quality polarising filter from B+W allows the deeper, saturated colour of the sky to show through. It can also reduce reflections from non-metallic surfaces such as glass and water.
£ 14.95
(-33.44%) £ 9.95
Out of stock
Available in 2 days
Colour filter kit 20This colour filter kit, exclusive to EOS magazine, contains a selection of twenty Rosco colour filters and a gel clip for attaching them to your Canon Speedlite. Strong and pastel colours are included to cater for different moods, atmospheres and subjects.