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Getting started with your digital EOS

Getting started with your digital EOS

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If you are new to digital SLR photography, this Getting started DVD will help you become more familiar with your EOS camera's key controls. The menus and instruction manual can be daunting; get to grips with your camera with the help of this visual chapter-based learning tool.
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Designed to make you more familiar with your camera’s key controls, this DVD is ideal for newcomers to DSLR photography. It will build your confidence when shooting with Full Auto, PIC and CA modes. The DVD also looks at the camera menu system and will explain what the information displays are showing you.

In addition to looking at camera controls there is also a wealth of information on photographing different subjects, flash, lens operation and video. A great all-round introduction to using your digital EOS camera.

Applicable to all EOS models except 1D series, 5D series, 6D and 7D series.

What you will learn with this DVD:
  • Getting started with your camera
  • All about batteries and capture cards
  • Lens operation and changing lenses
  • Basic shooting, reviewing and erasing images
  • Menu navigation and set up of essential functions
  • Quality settings and how they affect your images
  • Viewfinder information - what it all means
  • Rear LCD panel information - what is shows you
  • Shutter speeds, what they do and using them to avoid camera shake, including correct camera holding
  • Understanding the exposure modes and camera layout
  • Flash operation and how to use it successfully
  • Using the camera without flash for better lowlight results
  • Lenses - how they change how your image looks and what the numbers all mean
  • Using lenses for better effects in images
  • Understanding image stabilisation
  • How to take great pictures of peopleHow to take great travel and landscape images
  • How weather and shooting conditions affect your images
  • How to photograph small subjects and flowers
  • How to take action images of moving subjects
  • Shooting bursts of images
  • How to take pictures of people at night
  • Understanding the Creative Auto mode
  • Using the creative filters
  • The video mode
  • What the creative modes on the camera do and why they need to be used with care
Approx. running time: 1 hour 42 minutes
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