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Hotshoe Protector

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Hotshoe ProtectorThis simple accessory slips into the hot-shoe of your camera to keep the contacts clean. It has been designed especially for EOS cameras - the built-in flash will pop-up even with the cover in place (see compatibility details for exceptions). A bonus is the circular spirit level.

Compatible (built-in flash operates):

EOS 20D (tight fit)
EOS 50D (good fit)
EOS 350D (tight fit)
EOS 500D (loose fit)
EOS 600D (good fit)
EOS 1100D (good fit)
EOS D30 (tight fit)

Not compatible (built-in flash does not pop up):

EOS 10D (tight fit)
EOS 40D (good fit, but the protector is knocked out of the hotshoe when the built-in flash pops up)
EOS 550D (good fit)

No built-in flash:

EOS 5D (tight fit)
EOS 5D Mark II (good fit)
EOS 1D and 1Ds series (fit not checked)

Tight fit means the protector is quite difficult to remove (needs a bit of force and might be a problem for some users). 

Good fit means the protector clips into place but can be removed quite easily.

Loose fit means there is a chance of the protector falling out if you catch it with the strap or sleeve.

Any camera not listed has not been checked. We will update the list as soon as we have additional information.

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