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How to use the Zone System for Fine B&W Photography

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How to use the Zone System for Fine B&W PhotographyUsing the Zone System to make fine b&w prints puts you in control of your craft! Prints have deep, rich blacks, brilliant white highlights, and a full range of gray tones. Doing this demands good technical and artistic skill. it involves precise negative exposure and development based on careful consideration of the scene. Printing the negative is simplified and straightforward. This book clearly explains each step of the Zone System - from composing the scene in the camera to printing the negative. it describes basic film and development tests that help you control your results. It demystifies technique by giving simple methods that work with any film format for great b&w prints! Learn about camera systems, how to meter a scene, choosing films and developers, determining film speed, correct film-development methods, using filters for tonal control, using the Zone System in the field, printing the negative, and mounting and displaying the print. Make your b&w photography even better! Written by John P Schaefer. 160 pages long.
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