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Size : 6" x 4"
£ 4.95
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Image-BlockAward-winning manufacturer PermaJet has come up with an innovative and inexpensive way to display your prints using the Image-Block Display System. Itís an easy way to produce and present your images in a modern, contemporary and stylish manner. Displayed in a 3D format, this modern and minimalist look is easy to create in seconds. Simply peel away the self-adhesive backing, carefully position your printed image on the self-adhesive area and press down firmly using a soft cloth. If you need to trim your image, simply turn the Image-Block with the printed image face down on a clean cutting mat and, using a scalpel, trim flush along the edges of the Image-Block to remove excess media.

Ideal for home, office, studio or exhibition use. Available in a black edge finish in a variety of sizes.

In sizes A4, 10x8,12x12 and A3 there are pre-drilled hanging inserts for immediate flat-to-wall hanging.

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6" x 4"  £ 4.95 Details Request Info
5" x 5"  £ 4.95 Details Request Info
12" x 12"  £ 14.95 Details Request Info
A4  £ 12.95 Details Request Info
A3  £ 22.95 Details Request Info