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Insights to Travel part 1 by Nina Bailey (reprint)

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Insights to Travel part 1 by Nina Bailey (reprint)Originally designed as an eBook, this guide is now available as a black-and-white reprint.

Finish: A5 spiral bound book (also available in A4)

This is a trial service until 31 December 2017.


An important way to learn about photography is to understand the thought process, motivation and settings that were involved in the creation of an image. The how, why and when the image was shot are all critical elements in a successful image. How often though can you have the photographer there to explain it to you?

Nina Bailey's new Insight series of photography books will do just that. In this first of two books dedicated to travel photography, Nina picks one hundred of her favourite travel images and explains what went into creating them. Each image is explored in detail, giving background information, the settings used on her equipment, the creative vision and thought process before taking the shot.

There's also information on the location and, for certain images, on the time of day needed to make a particular shot work and, in some circumstances, how the local climate can impact on your shoot and equipment alike.

Part one contents
The first travel insights eBook is 185 pages long and covers the following areas:

Planning the trip and the equipment you need to take
Towns and cities
Capturing the character
After dark
Special lighting
Capturing the little things
Festivals and shows
Statues and art
Inclement weather
Filters and effects

185 pages long

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