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JerkStopper Tethering Camera Support

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JerkStopper Tethering Camera SupportSometimes the simplest inventions are the most useful ones. Save yourself the money and hassle of preventable cable or equipment damage with a JerkStopper, a fantastic little accessory that keeps cables plugged in to your EOS camera. Try it once and you'll never want to shoot tethered without it.

The patented JerkStopper cable retention device ensures there is always some slackness in any cord it is attached to, so if the cable gets knocked (as is almost inevitable on any long shoot) it won't become dislodged or damaged.

Suitable for any cable (such as USB, HDMI, AC power adaptor etc.) between the diameters of 3.5mm and 8.5mm.

The JerkStopper Tethering Camera Support 50 features the JerkStopper Camera Support alone, while the JerkStopper Tethering Camera Support 98 includes both a JerkStopper for your camera and a JerkStopper for your computer (it anchors to your computer's USB port) for double protection.
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