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Lens converters

Convert your existing Canon lens with a range of close-up lenses, extension tubes and specialist converters
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T2 MountUseful for attaching non-Canon accessories and lenses to your EOS camera
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Kenko HD DGX teleconverter Get more reach for your EF and EF-S lenses with these compatible and affordable extenders from Kenko.

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Kaili Kelda mirror lens 500mmThe 500mm f6.3 Kelda mirror lens from Kaili offers advantages over super telephoto lenses in size, weight and, most significantly, price. It contains a combination of lenses and mirrors to form the images.
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Coupling RingGet incredibly close by reversing one lens and coupling it with another. A coupling ring has threads on both ends so that two lenses can be joined together at their filter mounts.
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Reversing RingExpand the potential of your lenses (recent and old) simply by turning it around and attaching to your EOS with a reversing ring.
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Canon Close-up LensA range of Canon-made double element close-up lenses which will increase the magnification power of your lenses, ideal for close-up and macro work. Available in two strengths and different filter sizes.
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Canon Extension TubeExtension tubes fit between the camera and lens to increase the close focusing range of the lens.
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Digital King Ultra Extreme Wide Angle Converter 0.25xDigital King converters are designed to work with EF-S 18-55mm zoom lens and offer a relatively inexpensive method of extending the wide-angle capabilities of this popular kit lens. They attach to the front of the lens using the 58mm filter mount. A great way of accessing wide angle with your kit lens.
(-41.18%)  49.99
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Digital King Extreme Wide Angle Converter 0.43xConverts the 18mm setting of the EF-S 18-55mm lens to an extreme 8mm wide angle lens. If you unscrew the rear section it can be used as a separate 10 dioptre (approx.) macro lens.
(-50.01%)  34.99
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Digital King Wide Angle Converter 0.7xScrews to the front of an EF-S 18-55mm lens to give a 0.7x conversion. With the lens set to a focal length of 18mm, you get an effective focal length of 12.5mm.
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Close-up lens setA set of four single element close-up lenses which will increase the magnification power of your lenses, ideal for close-up and macro work. Can be used individually or stacked together to multiply the effect.
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 EF-EOS M adapterAttach your EF and EF-S lenses to your EOS M-series compact system camera with this purpose-made lens mount adapter from Canon.