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Other useful video accessories for DSLR cameras
£ 198.99
In stock
SmartLynk PLUSGet full control over your audio tracks with this compact two-channel audio mixer and monitoring device which has been purpose built to address sound quality issues with DSLR video.
£ 64.99
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Look Lock System Attaching to your EOS camera's hotshoe via an articulating arm, the Look Lock quickly and securely mounts your phone directly above the camera body or lens. All you need to do then is set a movie or something eye-catching playing to hold the attention of children or pets long enough for you to capture the perfect portrait.
£ 129.95
(-15.39%) £ 109.95
In stock
Aputure V-ScreenThis seven-inch digital LCD monitor, designed for photographers and videographers alike, is slim and lightweight and is ideal if you struggle sometimes with the size of the images and menu items on your LCD screen, or you just need a bigger screen to work with for your video or stills.
£ 17.95
(-33.43%) £ 11.95
In stock
Focusing LeverWouldnít it be great to recreate some of those beautiful smooth focus pulls seen on TV and in films? Itís difficult to achieve with your Canon lens; after all, itís not what they were designed for. These focusing levers provide a simple but innovative solution.
£ 295.99
(-49.33%) £ 149.99
In stock
Swivi External swivel LCD screenImprove your view and enlarge your subject with this large 5.6-inch vari-angle screen which mounts onto your EOS camera and displays the Live View image. Also features a Peaking Mode so you can see when your subject is in focus.