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Photomacrography: Art and Techniques

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Photomacrography: Art and TechniquesThe art of taking pictures in extreme close-up, from life size to ten times life size, is simply and eloquently described in this beautifully illustrated book.

In the text the author gives a detailed presentation of all the equipment and special techniques needed to work in this unique field of photography. She deals first with the basic principles of photomacrography, then discusses cameras, normal and close-up lenses, extension tubes, bellows, lighting, and accessories. Subsequent chapters explain the unusual exposure problems encountered by the photomacrographer; then detail methods used to handle various types of subject matter, describe the commercial, educational, and scientific uses of photomacrography, and tell you how to combine photomacrography with other techniques in the darkroom.

The strength of Jean Papert's photographic work lies in a combination of technical competence and a delight in the careful observation of the world round us. The strange, delicate patterns that emerge through the lens of her camera show us a new universe of visual possibilities in the ordinary: an artichoke heart becomes a glowing mass of purple spikes; toast or orange juice take on an etherial radiance; an old bicycle chain link becomes an object of inexplicable beauty.

Written by Jean Papert. 118 pages long.
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