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A selection of reduced photography books and guide
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Animal TalesThis is a book for everyone fascinated by animals and how they live. This colourful book is packed with superb photographs of wildlife plus cartoons and fascinating facts about each animal.
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Field Photography, Beginning and Advanced TechniquesField Photography aims to help readers to produce professional-quality nature photographs. Author Alfred Blaker gives clear and proven advice on how to obtain publication-grade photographs under a wide variety of field conditions.
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LeopardsThe three species described in this book - the leopard, snow leopard and clouded leopard - inhabit almost every environment, from mountain, forest and bamboo thicket to reed bed, desert and cultivated land. Illustrated with photographs taken by a specialist big-cat photographer, this is a fascinating introduction to this solitary, elusive and adaptable creature.
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Blue Crane InBrief GuideThese handy EOS camera guides are a useful quick reference to your camera’s functions and features. Each InBrief guide is divided into eight or twelve colour-coded, laminated card panels that fold flat for easy storage.