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Sensor cleaning

Eliminate specks of dust and dirt from your images with these sensor cleaning tools. Instructions included with kits for safe and reliable results on your EOS camera.
£ 24.99
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Dust Patrol Alpha 13-piece KitA new range of premium sensor cleaning tools from the experienced team at Dust Patrol. With kits and consumables available, cleaning your EOS camera sensor is as approachable as ever.
£ 10.99
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Gamma FluidA safe and highly effective cleaning fluid for camera sensors and optics. Evaporates almost instantly and leaves no residue.
£ 37.19
(-37.51%) £ 23.24
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Dust Patrol Alpha 14-piece kitDustPatrol’s Alpha Premium Sensor Cleaning Swabs provide the photographic community with a non-welded and non-glued sensor cleaning swab. These swabs are cleanroom manufactured and individually sealed in a plastic bag.
£ 45.99
(-25.01%) £ 34.49
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Dust Patrol Alpha 16-piece kitThis DustPatrol 16 piece kit is a comprehensive set for thorough cleaning of your EOS camera sensor and includes swabs, a DSLR brush, cleaning fluid, a microfibre cloth and a SensorKlear tool made by LensPen.
£ 78.95
(-25.00%) £ 59.21
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Digital Sensor Cleaning KitHaving a problem with dust on your EOS camera’s digital sensor? Our popular all-in-one sensor cleaning kit gives a complete cleaning solution in one compact travel pouch.
£ 22.95
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DSLR Sensor Cleaning BrushThis sensor cleaning brush is a high quality fine brush from Germany. The nylon bristles of the brush are statically charged by blowing air through them.
£ 28.95
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Micro-fibre swabsThese new DSLR swabs are clean room manufactured using extremely soft and highly absorbent lint-free micro-fibre cloth to produce a superior cleaning action.
£ 19.95
(-20.00%) £ 15.96
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Starter Cleaning KitIf you have never cleaned a sensor before you can make a start with this low-cost kit. It contains a blower to blast the dust away, four sensor cleaning swabs (each in a sealed pack to keep them ultra-clean) and a bottle of sensor cleaning fluid. Supplied with detailed, illustrated instructions.
£ 129.95
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DSLR Maintainance KitThis deluxe kit offers a money-saving one stop solution for all of your digital SLR cleaning and maintenance needs. The rigid zipped storage box includes our best quality sensor cleaning accessories and consumables for all types of sensor contamination.
£ 12.95
(-15.44%) £ 10.95
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Eclipse FluidA high purity cleaning fluid, suitable for both lens and sensor cleaning. It dries as quickly as you can apply it and leaves no residue, making it the perfect cleaning solution for delicate optics.
£ 39.95
(-12.52%) £ 34.95
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Sensor Check LoupeCheck the state of your camera’s sensor with this specially designed illuminated loupe. It means you can accurately pinpoint those areas which need attention on your sensor and check that they have been successfully cleaned afterwards.
£ 17.95
(-15.04%) £ 15.25
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Mini Sensor Cleaning Kit

This mini kit provides Canon EOS users with a low-cost wet sensor cleaning pack. Contains one bottle of fluid and five individually sealed swabs plus instructions.

£ 6.95
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Speckgrabber Pro Speckgrabber Pro is a unique tool designed to remove individual contaminant particles from delicate and sensitive surfaces without danger of damaging or causing additional contamination.