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Tao of Photography

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Tao of PhotographyThe Tao is an ancient Chinese guide to living in harmony with the universe. This age-old philosophy is still immensely popular today, and is seen by many as a route to greater fulfillment in their 21st-century lives. Using Taoist concepts, Tao of Photography aims to breathe new life into the photographic manual.
Unlike other introductions to photography, Tao of Photography treats the subject as a unified process - for example, exposure cannot be properly considered without reference at the same time to development or even tot he scanning process. The radical approach of Tao of Photography offers a new balance that makes sense of the latest technologies through the poetic, potent words of ancient wisdom. It explains the process using the easy to-grasp notions of the operation of opposites and the need to find a middle way. Applied to photography, these shine fresh light on technique and lead the way to a richer enjoyment of the whole process.
For an explanation of how Taoist concepts can provide the photographer with a useful and practical way on how and what to photography,the book covers the basic grounding in technical matters with a unique discussion of the concept and practicalities of inspiration and creativity. There then follows sections that feature photographs and projects that aim to inspire by demonstration, showing the steps that lead up to the final choice or creation of an image.
In harmony with our times, Tao of Photography opens the door to a new age of photography. Written by Ang, Tom. 144 pages long.
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