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Travel USB battery charger

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Travel USB battery charger

Instantly increase the options for charging your EOS camera battery with this lightweight, compact USB charger. This accessory will enable you to charge the battery of your camera in a car, from a power pack or laptop/notebook. It provides multiple charging options for on-the-go so you will always be ready to snap that perfect picture.

An LED indicator will give you information about the charge status of your camera battery. It's red whilst charging, then turns green when fully charged.

Available for LP-E6, LP-E8 and LP-E10 batteries.


- Lightweight, small and compact USB charger for Canon battery pack LP-E6, LP-E8 and LP-E10
- Fast, easy and safe charging of your EOS camera battery
- The battery fits perfectly into the charger
- USB charging connection for USB power supplies, USB car chargers, power packs
- USB connection cable included (USB A plug - micro USB)
- Short-circuit proof and reverse polarity protected
- With IC controlled charging control for gentle and efficient charging


- 1 Travel USB charger (camera battery specific)
- 1 USB cable
- Operating instructions